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Storm: The Moody Blue-Gray You’ll Love

March 12, 2018

Inspired by the trend toward cool, bold colors and warm neutrals found in nature, the 2018 Exterior Color Palette of the Year gives you the flexibility to mix and match across a wide range of siding, trim, shutter, door and home styles.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use blue-gray Storm in combination with the color palette hues or other classic colors to update your exterior this year.

Royal Building Products' 2018 Color Palette of the year featuring storm

One reason why bold blue-grays like Storm continue to trend is the timeless nautical, serene feeling they evoke.

home featuring gray siding

Pairing blues and grays together creates a sense of bold tranquility. Although calming, these colors make a strong statement and work together perfectly to form a cohesive palette.

To take your exterior design a step further, consider incorporating a complementary arrangement of these colors around your patio, deck or porch. Creating blue and gray pairings in the form of cushions, rugs and flowers will enhance any design.

home featuring gray siding

Going a bit bolder with blue is a good thing. This hue will continue to be a prominent exterior color, and combining various shades along with texture can kick the palette up a notch. Keep in mind that balance is the key. Let one color dominate and then sprinkle in other shades of blue for contrast. Don’t forget to consider your home’s surroundings when adding color either. If it sits among trees, layering in more natural color will make your design stand out.

These colors, which are found in nature, provide the perfect backdrop for your home’s lines to shine.

Interested in trying these palettes? Check out the HomePlay design tool on Royal® Building Products’ website before you commit to a change.