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2017 Exterior Color Palette

November 4, 2016

Royal Building Products' new color palettes brings out the best in home exteriors.


A colorful reflection of powerful trends.

The 2017 Color Palette from Royal Building Products is drawn from naturally complementary hues we’re finding in everything from siding to personal landscaping to fashion. Most notably, their new palette emerges from a powerful, nationwide trend reflecting an appetite for deeper, richer exterior colors. Use it as a guide to choosing the right color combinations—and for creating an exterior that matches your personality.

The big reveal.

This palette was carefully chosen to work with a variety of complementary colors, siding and trim styles. Sand, for example, works particularly well with Marine Blue and Toasted Almond on homes sided with traditional clapboard and shake & shingles.

LiveAbode 2017 Color Palette of the Year

LiveAbode 2017 Color Palette of the Year
Sand, Marine Blue and Toasted Almond

Bluer Blues.

We’ve seen a steady progression, especially over the last couple of years, from lighter ocean blues to deeper, more saturated navy blues. This has corresponded with a trend toward darker gray colors. Now we’re seeing bolder blues mated with cooler, charcoal grays. A particularly curb-appealing example of this pairing: Marine Blue and Ironstone.

Another brand-new color from Royal Building Products, Tree Moss, taps into the ever-growing movement toward natural aesthetics and complements the brown bark of tree-populated settings.

LiveAbode 2017 Color Palette of the Year
Sand and Marine Blue


Homeowners are seeking neutrals that push them to the edge of their comfort zone. We’re finding more and more tans and browns shifting to cooler, gray-based hues that complement the bolder, darker colors now hitting the market. Royal’s Sable and new Toasted Almond exterior colors are a response to this trend, lending standard beige a layer of sophistication.

LiveAbode 2017 Color Palette of the Year
Sand, Toasted Almond and Marine Blue

This is just an introduction. Look for updates in 2017 that bring Royal’s new color palette to life in greater detail.